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Antigone Resources and Information...

Cast List


Antigone in three minutes

Antigone goes gangster rap


Read Antigone online

Antigone and Funeral Oratory

The characters of Antigone

Paintings of Antigone

The Imprisonment of Women in Greek Tragedy

Civil Disobedience in Antigone and the Modern World

Madness and Logic in Antigone
This site is a goldmine with links to short articles on the function of the chorus, a biography of Sophocles, Antigone’s family history, the language of love and hate in Antigone, Sophocles political view (and much more).

Feminist Readings of Antigone, edited by Fanny Soderback
This is the introduction to Feminist Readings of Antigone published by Suny Press in 2010.

Teaching the Antigone in Wisconsin: A Resource Guide for Educators
This is a extensive teaching guide, created by the Center for the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

It's best to keep the established laws: Antigone's Act of Cultural Conformity
This article by Stephanie E. Chamberlain discusses the Greek view of burial in the fifth century.

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